Welcome to Dualist Gaming!

Our wonderful Dualist Gaming group… and John Krasinski… and a Star Wars Armada battle.

“Tabletop and video games: two parts of one whole.”

This is the essence of Dualist Gaming, a blog and community group based in the South Bay of Southern California seeking to bring together a sundry of all things gaming by uniting people interested in one or both of gaming’s dualities: tabletop and video games. We love any and everything gaming, and want to share it all with the rest of the world.

Dualist Gaming’s beginning took place in December 2016 when fellow gaming enthusiasts (or addicts) Daniel Parkins and Luis Salazar decided to host weekly game nights at Peninsula Community Church (where Daniel serves as a pastor) in Palos Verdes Estates, CA. After wanting a creative outlet in which to practice his writing, Luis decided to create a blog called Sundry Gaming. Daniel’s interest in the blog led to the creation of Dualist Gaming where we write to you from today… or if it’s 2256 AD and aliens from Independence Day haven’t learned their lesson and invaded for a third time, then we’re writing to you from yesterday.

While our blog and events may be more focused on tabletop gaming, we want to unite gamers of all kinds in order to foster a wonderful community where others will feel welcome and will discover new games to enjoy (unlike lobbies in a game of Call of Duty on Xbox Live… I mean, geez, I didn’t know my mom knew so many people online). We hope that those that have all of their eggs in either the tabletop or video game basket will find a newfound love for another side of gaming they never got to explore. For the egg-placers of both the tabletop and video game baskets, we hope to provide a place both here on the blog and through our events that may be welcoming and further encouraging of the love for this wonderful hobby… also, it gives us a reason to get up from the computer chair for once; I mean, one can only play so much Overwatch before they become permanently affixed to the chair.

Please enjoy your stay here at Dualist Gaming, and please feel free to send us any questions, comments, feedback, or anything else that you have about us and gaming. We promise that we won’t flip the table on you… I mean, think about Dan’s perfectly assembled and taken-care-of Rebel fleet miniatures that are sitting on that table! We wouldn’t want to damage them in any way… ! No… not at all… ! #keeplosingastheimperialfleet